5 réflexions au sujet de « 10 Common Frontman Styles »

  1. Problem is, we don’t have a frontman in Cool Cavemen!Still, I’d say JWong is a mix between « the spaz » and « the eccentric »Max is « the commander » (not onstage, but the other members ;-)Guiguit’ is « the stoic » – or « the absent » as he’s known to us :-Dand Vince is a mix between « the spaz », « the commander » and « the chatterbox ». And certainly not « the politico »!

  2. « the eccentric » fits Jimy Wong perfectly ! And he’s really good in this role. Keep the show as fun as it is guy !That’s true, Max is « the commander ». But not entirely. He’s also a secret « stuntman ». I think he should work to make this obvious on stage (and I’m sure he’ll enjoy the thrill).No doubt that Guiguit is « the stoic ». And to me it’s not pejorative: it means that he can keep his head cool in messy situations. And believe me, chaos can surface at any moment in a band !If Vince is really « the spaz », he’s less a « chatterbox » or a « commander » as those roles better fits others in the band. I think he’s much akin to « the pseudo diva ». Not that he’s sophisticated or moundain, but as he cares about the quality of his performance, he don’t like unperfect stuff being broadcasted.The true « chatterbox » in the band is Tomasito: he’s not shy of talking about himself and giving personnal details. I think he’s also a « politico », not because he’s dedicated to a cause or has strong beliefs, but simply because he needs to put meaning behind his choices and actions.Anyways, we all agree that there is no « mess » or « trendsettings fashionista » personae in the band. Anyone to fill the void ? 😉

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