EMI forces « OK Go » to stop YouTube embeds; views drop 90%

The numbers are shocking: When EMI disabled the embedding feature, views of our treadmill video dropped 90 percent, from about 10,000 per day to just over 1,000. Our last royalty statement from the label, which covered six months of streams, shows a whopping $27.77 credit to our account.

-> http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/20/opinion/20kulash.html

(source: http://digg.com/music/EMI_forces_OK_Go_to_stop_YouTube_embeds_views_drop_90 )

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  1. L’épilogue: OK Go Ditches Label Over YouTube Embedding Rights.

    The very first change? The band’s explosively popular (and completely mesmerizing) Rube Goldberg-gone-berserk « This Too Shall Pass » is now embeddable. And the band, which despite a Grammy award has never been a huge seller, is seeing results: since the videos have become embeddable, digital album sales tripled and digital tracks sales have jumped more than sevenfold.

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