Drunk Dream

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Getting around, looking around
Where did I spend last night? I’m still high
Flew all around, above the ground
Someone played with my cock I don’t know why

The first glass slapped me in the face
Didn’t feel it coming at all
Someone got shots and I held the pace
‘Til I finally had to fall

I’m a third, a third inebriated but I’ve only drunk a completely of a bottle
I get mixed up, I mix get up – yeah – between letters and words
I’m in a drunk dream

I met a girl, so wow!
She acquiesced in everything I said
Marshmallow words, that’s how
I wanted to get her into my bed

My words worked like magic
Though it was nothing romantic
All I wanted was to get laid
All she wanted was to get paid

I’m ten thirds, ten thirds inebriated but I’ve only bottle a drunk of a completely
I met gixed up, my exit gup – yeah – between letters and words
I’m in a drunk dream

Basically we tried to write ’bout being
Drunk but we’re so pissed, so much we cannot
Write a song about being wasted but we
Try and try but it’s too hard to write when
You’re drunken and you say la la la la la la la la la


Cette chanson à fait sa première sortie publique le 28 juin 2010 sous la forme d’une maquette sur le site du Sound Up Studio.