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The moment has come, time to set things straight
Lately we’ve listened more and more to our song Fusion
Realised what it meant by looking in a book
Chemistry to help us desecrate (Great Scott! Great Scott!)
Scientific words are our messiah, at the electric arc we look

When the molecules clash and create a substance
We want to rejoice
A new alloy is born, a little more advanced
When the particles join the nucleus of elements
We have found our voice
Weld it up together, let the metal dance

People think that iron has no soul
Did you really think a welder could bang zinc or copper or tin without feelings?
Everybody in life has a role (Nom de Zeus! Nom de Zeus!)
Ours is to bring the best of fusions, we call it Nichrome


When you cook an egg it hardens
Whereas metal when it’s molten
The whole material softens

The most important fusion process in nature is the one that powers stars. The net result is the fusion of four protons into one alpha particle, with the release of two positrons, two neutrinos (which changes two of the protons into neutrons), and energy, but several individual reactions are involved, depending on the mass of the star. For stars the size of the sun or smaller, the proton-proton chain dominates. In heavier stars, the CNO cycle is more important. Both types of processes are responsible for the creation of new elements as part of stellar nucleosynthesis.


Nichrome, rockin’ on your microphone x2


Nichrome était originalement sous-titré « a tribute to Fusion« .